Purpose Empowerment Forum & EXPO 2022

Empowering you towards excellence and creativity.

The program is for everyone, however has a focus on youth from 18-35 years, adressing essential life skills and entreprenurial capabilities towards resposible citizenship.

The vision of this project is about creating a template and a program that will mofify the tendency of young people to become polarized or withdrawn from their potential in local society. And on the other hand replace idellness anger and frustration with creativity hard work and commitment.

The program consists of the following components

1. The Purpose Empowerment Expo & Forum – 16 september 2022 @ Theater Amsterdam
2a. The Niyyah to Nikah (Road to Marriage) Digital Presentation – 9 oktober 2022 @ Theater De Meervaart
2b. The Niyyah to Nikah invitational Dinner @ restaurant / café MERAM Osdorp 9 oktober 2022

The Purpose Empowerment WorldTour proudly will present its première event in the heart of Amsterdam. A Business Expo and Conference Program focused on life empowerment with a concentration on youth.

Established and emerging international speakers will speak on social responsibility, personal development and giving back to the society where you live at. International rolemodels will contribute via SKY Vieus Social Empowerment Stream (live streaming video) to give short motivational talks. They adress new insights for building an empowered local society, share best practices in the entrepreneurial and pedagogical climate, and showcase input for a prevailing generative ecosystem.

During the forum, short motovational videos and alks by young succesfull entrepreneurs will challeng the audience to social innovation and social responsibility, which include:

Personal Development Skills
Entrepreneurial Training Program
Vocational and Educational Training
Social Leadership Training
Motivating young people towards responsible relationships

Thrilling speeches, innovative technology, unconventional connections, modelling of best practice, and inclusion of new and unexpected angles are central to our Empowerment WorldTour.

Expo – 2nd floor 18u00-23u00

The exposition covers 400m2 of:
Over 35 companies sharing hundreds of useful informational links
a high tech streaming and digital touch-screen based exposition environment 1000m2 full of powerful and energetic digital presentations and fresh ideas.

Invitational dinner

During the young people will experience a digital presentaion on the road towards responsible relationships and marriage as a facet of social responsibilty.